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a man wearing a blue striped shirt and black tie
Gabriel Merlo
a shirtless young man with red hair and no shirt on posing for the camera
Gabriel Merlo
richard madden
a man in plaid shirt looking at the camera with cloudy sky behind him and dark clouds overhead
11 British Actors Invading Hollywood’s ‘It List’
Andrew Garfield
two men in suits and ties, one is looking at the camera while the other has his eyes closed
a man in a tuxedo and bow tie
Andrew Garfield attends 8th Annual Governors Awards | Nov. 12, 2016
a young man wearing a suit and tie
Andrew Garfield Photostream
W Magazine Celebrates The Best Performances Issue and The Golden Globes - Red Carpet
a man is walking his dog down the street while wearing sunglasses and an orange t - shirt
Gisele Bundchen and Dog: Photo
Andrew Garfield and his golden retriever. Um... WHAT?! One of my favorite actors just got that much cuter.
a man sitting on top of a window sill with his feet propped against the ledge
Andrew Garfield re-boots Peter Parker on the New York set of Spider-Man
Hey brahams. Erm, the name's Levi Jackson. Anyways, I'm 19 and I gots da power. Well, just the kind of sucky power of water control. Right. Oh and side note, food is totally welcome for a coming-to-this-school-gift. I like pie. Just saying.