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a drawing of a man with a beard wearing a red hoodie and scarf over his head
The red bear by Merwild on DeviantArt
The red bear by on @DeviantArt
a painting of a man with long hair and yellow eyes looking at the camera while holding his hand up to his head
Slugette's Space
Edmond Trevelyan A kinda sketchy portrait that got carried away… again.. Edmond belongs to @sluah and I love him so much.
an image of a man with a beard and blue eyes
Cocotingo in now Merwild
I needed a new Hawke because I missed DA2 so meet Clayton Hawke.
a drawing of a man with red hair and blue eyes, wearing a chain around his neck
Cocotingo in now Merwild
Literally how I imagined Aiden, right down to the damn scar across his face.
a man with long hair wearing a cross necklace
Triad Portrait (By MarcelaFreire)
Triad Portrait (By MarcelaFreire) by villainess-art
an image of a woman with white hair and grey hair wearing a red tank top
Ambrosia Lloyd (By MarcelaFreire)
Ambrosia Lloyd (By MarcelaFreire) by villainess-art