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A inveja é uma merda!

Beijinho no ombro pras Rekalkadas

The pink-browed rosefinch is a species of finch in the Fringillidae family. It ranges across the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent, mainly in the Himalayas.

Soldadinho do Araripe. Beleza endêmica da caatinga, restrita ao território do Ceará. Caatinga não é só seca e morte!

Araripe Manakin, critically endangered, one of the rarest birds in Brazil ~ Araripe Manakin Antilophia bokermanni ©Elis Simpson*

Passaro deserto

The Pyrrhuloxia or Desert Cardinal (Cardinalis sinuatus) is a medium-sized North American song-bird, found year-round in the desert scrub and mesquite thickets of the American southwest and northern Mexico.

pássaro do twitter, rs...

We see Mountain Bluebirds on our place in New Mexico. THey are breath taking flashes of turquoise as they glide through the clean mountain air. Baby Mountain Bluebird -- A little bird who is a Fluff-ball of Turquoise and the Idaho State Bird

fuckyeahtattoos: “Design done by me (find me on insta! for a lovely lady. Tattoo done at Tattoo Lab in Culver City.

Araripe Manakin

The Araripe Manakin, Antilophia Bokermanni, is a critically endangered bird from the family of Manakins (Pipridae). It was only discovered in