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Eduardo Rodrigues
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Above & Below: Shooting from Different Angles for Better Photos In regards to children’s photography, we are often advised to shoot at eye level. We are warned of all the dangers of shooting from above or below them. More specifically, shooting from above a child can make the subject appear weak, subservient and small. Alternatively, shooting

Composition is key! Shooting from different angles like above or below will help you get better photos.

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With an undefended heart, we can fall in love with life over and over every day. We can become children of wonder, grateful to be walking on earth, grateful to belong with each other and to all of creation. We can find our true refuge in every moment, in

fazer um coração como se fosse um monte de tralha em cima uma das outras (ex.: linhas, dedais, agulhas...)

INK TERESTING - This is an incredible ink illustration by Alex Konahin. This art is made with dip pen using black ink in this post you can watch out his work like fine line art, human anatomy art in this human anatomy he created art of human skull, lungs,