Frases evangélicas.🙏💛🧡

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a poster with the words seja omo o l, levite brine e lumine o mundoo
the words nadde emvao se no ebengo licao written in spanish
the words are written in spanish and english on a white background with black ink, which reads
a hand holding a pink flower with the words, no ha um so dia que deus nao cude de voce
an old paper with spanish writing on it and the caption for nunca deie de
spanish phrase that says, espahe que ha de melhora em voce
an image of jesus in spanish with the words,'com jesus'on it
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the words in spanish are written on watercolor paper and have been painted with pink, green
a quote written in spanish on lined paper with hearts and the words omm me office
a brick wall with the words status in spanish
a black and white photo with the words vigie written in latin script on it
a pink and white poster with the words cheagi - vos a deus, el