DIY! Cute cute.

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DIY decor idea for when you have those old records too scratched up to play. Upcycle it into cute wall art! #DIY #craft #upcycling

DIY Wall Decoration with CD-paint a solid color and then use scratch art tools to expose the prismatic silver underneath.

You could do circles and other geometric shapes that repeat as you go out from the inside. You also alternate to make each snowflake unique. Pretty and inexpensive decoration.

How to make a paper star snowflake decoration? It can be made from tiny sized tree ornaments to. The post The Perfect DIY paper star Snowflakes appeared first on The Perfect DIY.

Cute for a girls room! Yup, old-fashioned paper mache! Blow up a balloon, pick out one of the many old doilies you no longer use, brush with modge podge (or similar) allow to dry, pop the balloon and you have a cottage cozy lamp shade! Fabulous! (Translalated froom Dutch...I think I translated it correctly?!)

A lamp made out of doilies! Take a bunch of doilies and sort of papier-mache them to a large balloon. Pop the balloon, run a light through the doily-ball, and BAM. The effect is beautiful.

DIY Doilie Candleholder for the tablescape.

Outdoor Bach-Style Candle Holders DIY DIY “Ballin’ on a budget”Candle holders DIY Candle Holders – Nature Meets Glam DIY Doilie Candleholder for the tables

Architecture model

Meta-Code: Un-Grounded City, Architectural Site Model - Matthew Conway, Wesley Ho, Emily Russell, Cory Seeger

The Church of the Holy Cross / KHR

Completed in 2008 in Jyllinge, Denmark. Images by Unknown photographer. The church of the holy cross was conceived as part of the landscape around Jyllinge. With its glass façade facing the fjord and a "fishing net".

Gallery of The Simona / Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte - 15

Image 15 of 20 from gallery of The Simona / Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte. Courtesy of Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte