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there is safety in mindfulness

This describes the whole show. Sasha falls and is fine. Jean falls and is not fine. Mikasa just skates over Armin. Hanji slips but is okay. Levi is completely unaffected by the idiots falling behind him, and Eren slides across a lawn. ~Attack on titan

Shingeki No kyojin Y su Anormalidad (Imágenes graciosas) - Mr muñeco que se mueve como retrasado - Wattpad

It is cloudy here and just a little bit cold (my favorite kind of weather) so I decided to go for a run: Seven miles run three miles walked. So ten miles today!

A Attack on Titan/Levi Short Story~A wild filly from beyond the walls is bought by the Scouts to become Levi's horse. Description from quotev.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

16 Funny Attack On Titan GIFs - Oh my god I burst out laughing this is the best thing I've seen all week xD Eren and Levi funny

attack on titan levi funny montage - Pesquisa Google

17 Absurd Attack On Titan GIFs For Every Occasion "Just gonna clean some laundry so I don't go crazy waiting for the next episode of the show" -Me: Oh god. BUT THIS IS FUNNY!