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The family protection crystals set includes 5 of the most powerful family protection crystals. This set includes: * 5 crystals - Amethyst, black onyx, jasper, carnelian and agate. * Guidance card with information about the crystals like the one in the title photo of the listing. * Sturdy velvet bag for your stones. * Everything is packed in an elegant box with a ribbon ready to be given as a gift. * Stones size 0,75''- 1'' or 2 - 2,5 cm. * How to use your crystals * You can keep your crystals wh
Approximate sizes: Small: 0.5-0.75” - $4.00 Medium: 1-1.25” - $5.00 Large: 1.3-1.75” - $7.00 You will receive 1 piece of Blue Lace Agate and a meaning card with your order. LOCALITY: Namibia KEY WORDS: Nurturing, Expression, Balance ENERGY: In its white and blue layers, Blue Lace Agate wields the ever flowing energy of clear and truthful communication within the soul. This powder-blue beauty aids in releasing fears of sharing truth and emotion through language. Opening the throat chakra, Blue La
Approximate size: 1” LOCALITY: Mexico You will receive 1 piece of raw Blue Calcite and a meaning card with your order. KEY WORDS: Emotional Release, Tranquility, Calming ENERGY: Known as the stone of comfort, Blue Calcite is all about recuperation, relaxation, and relief. This marbled blue stone connects the throat to the third eye chakra, fostering peaceful communication and thoughts. There is no time for mental flurries when it comes to Blue Calcite. Its calming effect slows your intellect so


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Sungazing Benefits And How To Do It - Video Instructions | The WHOot

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the tarot verbs and verb phrasses are shown in this text box
a sign that says, yes or no tarot hands means memes but you will have to work for it
the tarot trick is to take your deck and shuffle the cards turn over the top card, that represents the door that you need to pass through reach
the tarot suit's instructions for each individual to use in an art project
Cailleach an Bás
the tarot trick card is shown in black and white with an image of sun
Tarot Card Journal Prompts, Taurus Tarot Spread, Witch Stuff