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How to Describe Eyes in a Story - 7 Tips

The next project is surrealism eyes. We will be drawing realistic (not cartoon) eyes in a fantasy like setting. Surrealism is when you add a dream like world in your illustration. Surrealism is more.

"Mostre tudo aquilo que você pode ser, se você quiser."

Graffiti, street art, Urban art, art, community art - I really like this piece of art because it has a lot of meaning behind it. It shows a blank wall that is being torn apart and behind it is so much color that is hidden.

Vintage Bleu Flower Temporary Tattoo *** Listing is for one sheet of high quality tattoo which lasts about 2 days up to a week*** *** Listing is for 1 full tatt

Gabriella Blue Floral Temporary Tattoo

Product Information - Product Type: Tattoo Sheet Tattoo Sheet Size: Tattoo Application & Removal Instructions Floral Temporary Tattoo, Flower Tattoos, Tattoo Sleeves, Fake Tattoos, Wate

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Am I witnessing Deadpool headbutting venom, Venom consuming Deadpool, Deadpool stepping on a lego passing out from the pain and falling on venom, or all three?