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a large pile of wood sitting in front of a wooden building on top of a gravel road
the roof garden has been designed to look like it's on top of a building
12 Ideas For Including Built-In Wood Planters In Your Outdoor Space
a house with steps leading up to the front door and an advertise for it
a living room filled with lots of furniture and plants
Análises e Reviews
A casa é sua, fique à vontade!
a man sitting in a lawn chair on top of a stone patio next to a house
Mutual Fulfilment
Buckner and Roberts both expressed admiration for Jones’s thoughtful details—including the sloping glass, angled columns, and Wrightian light shelf.
a wooden walkway leading to a small black structure in the middle of some grass and trees
Red Hill Residence by David Luck Architecture
...just perfect balance. red hill residence, david luck.:
two lawn chairs sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a black building with white trim
56 Stylish home Black and white house exterior design (18) - oneonroom
56 Stylish home Black and white house exterior design (17)
a woman standing on top of a wooden deck in front of a blue house with lawn chairs
hemenway not hemingway.
Side garden bed
a patio with chairs and an open door
two wooden buildings sitting next to each other on top of a parking lot in front of a tree
CM940.jpg | Friends of San Diego Architecture
Charles Moore, Lyndon, Turbull & Whitaker: Sea Ranch. Condomium 1, 1965. Photo '83.
a black and white photo of an old farm with grain silos on the side
Fame: A Fickle Mistress
Condominium 1 at Sea Ranch was a highlight in Charles Moore’s career
a wooden building with stairs leading up to it and the ocean in the background,
Charles Moore > Condominio de Sea Ranch | HIC Arquitectura
three different views of a house with mountains in the background and grass on the ground
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