Here's a fun homemade toy that you can put together from stuff around the house - a spiral marble track!  Drop marbles at the top and watch them spin around the spiral track of paper plates until they get to the bottom.  It's very relaxing to watch. It's no secret that we love marble runs around here, and I have often thought that it would be awesome to create a spiral track. But I could never figure out a simple way to make it work!  Then I saw a video on Facebook from the page P...

How to Build a Paper Plate Spiral Marble Track

How to Build a Paper Plate Spiral Marble Track: fun activity fir toddlers(with supervision), preschool and school age kids. - The marbles spin around and around down to the bottom!

Mardi, les enfants ont joué à deux relais mettant en jeu la ccopération. Ces jeux ne sont pas possibles en début d'année, mais à cette...

Sit in a circle and pass a ball around and play music and have students pass ball until music stops then they say there name and then their favorite toy

Bucket Game *Great active play idea

Bucket Game

Divide into teams and get your bean bags into your opponents’ buckets for some active play any day! Winner has the fewest bean bags in their brightly .

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I do this is a circle with others but this is a nice option for solo effort or small group

These egg carton penguins are such a fun winter craft to make with the kids! And dont they look ADORABLE?! What a great activity for a snow day!

Get your kids crafting thanks to this egg carton penguin tutorial from One Little Project. Perfect for a snowy day or during some downtime, these penguins make for a great winter craft.