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(Doodle) 별이 밝게 빛나던 그 밤

Kiss me goodnight baby

♥  WHEN YOU LOOK AT ME  ♥  by Puuung at www.facebook.com/puuung1?fref=ts  ♥

Letting someone touch my face is the ultimate in trust for me. I let you touch my face.

♥  KISSES   ~  I can’t help myself!  ♥  by Puuung at www.facebook.com/puuung1  ♥

A surprise kiss from her

Hand kisses

it is good to share with you moments like that watching TV. como é bom compartilhar com você momentos como esse assistindo tv.

♥  TENDER LITTLE KISS ~ I pressed my lips softly to his forehead. ♥  by Puuung at www.facebook.com/puuung1  ♥

podia ser agt mas o @ n colabora

Dat face! Wkwkwk

When I get mad at him n he try to console me💕

We hope works on Grafolio will function beyond that of a simple portfolio and garner respect as a culture which can be enjoyed by everyone.

I really wanted to kiss you by 퍼엉 on Grafolio

Drawings of a couple in love. It's those little moments that count :)

"We looked out the window together. It is not only me and you who are in this world. We are here in this beautiful world together!

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Eeeeeeee this could be us but cartoonyish (wishful thinking, ain't nothing wrong with that) =)

Lovely GIF Free Music by Naver http://me2.do/GNAkxvtb

Free Music by Naver http:&

Taste this! By Puuung

By Puuung

♥ "Oh, you ARE feverish!"  ♥  by Puuung at www.grafolio.com ♥

This artist has perfectly captured the quirky adorableness of life-long love


Puuung: Love is something that everybody can relate to. And Love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artwork.

"Love is.Always making up before bed if you quarreled" comic strip by Kim…

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Shibe will totally get stressed and tired and will hate me for wanting to cuddle so much.