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Arduino Finite State Machine and multitasks

A finite state machine is diagram used to organise tasks to control several insdustrial systems (production, heater, pump, conveyors. All these sytems include.


I recently needed to use the Arduino to control a stereo system, so rather than hack open the remote and wire into it, I decided to simply clone the signal.

Complete Guide for nRF24L01 – 2.4GHz RF Transceiver Module With Arduino

This post aims to be a complete guide for - RF Transceiver module. I'll explain what it does, show its specs and share an Arduino project

Sending sound over the internet!

Broadcast audio, record voice commands, build internet walkie-talkies with this simple tutorial! By David Middlecamp.

5 tips for Arduino programs

5 tips for Arduino programming cover saving RAM, making programs easier to read, watchdog timers, ternary operators and a better way to implement delays

Sabemos que vocês são apaixonados por esta união do Leite Ninho com a Nutella! Tá tá…nós também somos! kkkk Aliás nós somos muito apaixonados, viciados neste dois ingredientes sensacionais! Q…

Served this to the "ladies" during our annual summer lunch. Easy to make, looks great and tastes amazing, especially if you love Nutella. Don't leave out of the fridge too long before serving.