Erase una vez un globo ... que se transformó en jarrón!

Balloon, fish net stockings, newspaper, paper masche and cardboard for neck of VASE

Plastic 2-liter bottles used in vertical garden; Simple and awesome!

14 benefits of vertical gardens

Você vai precisar de: - Madeiras de 20x20cm (uma para cada andar do móbile) - Copos ou potes de vidro, cuja base seja menor que a boca - Serra copo para madeira (com diâmetro menor que a largura da boca do copo ou vidro) - 4 Cabos de aço (comprimento de acordo com o número de madeiras) - Broca para madeira com diâmetro de acordo com o cabo. - 4 Grampos simples por madeira - 1 grampo para juntar os capo no final

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As Novas Fruteiras :: Nutricao para voce

What a great idea from Lori and her husband! "My husband made this fruit basket thing to free up some counter space. More room now for all my THM supplies!" - Lori C.

PVC pipe is one of those ordinary construction materials that is cheap to buy, readily available and easy to work with. You can cut it, paint it, drill it and glue it easily.

The well known PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) pipes are widely used in the construction business, but those pipes are more and more used by the DIY lovers among

corner shelf

Hanging herb planter with mason jars -- this is a great idea for a kitchen garden or patio garden with you have limited space!