Ribbon dispenser from plastic bottles.

Ribbon dispenser from 2 plastic soda bottles. Put a disk of cardboard cut from cereal boxes in between each ribbon roll. Thread ribbon rolls on a dowel. The rubber bands hold the bottle together and also holds down the ribbons

are you kidding...i find this AFTER i painted like 50 of them!!  i never thought to dye them...duh :)

Rit dyed clothes pins -- This is such an easy way to color them! Great idea for adding a punch of color to clothes pins on clip-it behavior charts.

Great idea!  I'm always looking for scissors when I'm sewing!

So simple and yet such a genius idea! Add a sticky self-adhesive plastic hook to the side of your sewing machine to keep your scissors in easy reach!

I like the ruler idea. How to make Cute Blinds Curtain step by step DIY tutorial instructions | #CraftsDIYSerendipity #Craft and #DIY #Project, #Tutorials and #Inspiration

Love this beaded window treatment. Looks pretty easy to do. Would be a cute idea instead of curtains