Edo Costa

Edo Costa

Se Você não acredita em si, Acredite em mim, Pois eu acreditarei em você (By: Kamina)
Edo Costa
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robotic network

Daniel Isles, aka DirtyRobot, is currently nearing the end of a 365 day, daily sketch challenge and what he’s created over the past year is something.

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Fist of Chaos by f1x-2 on DeviantArt

"Hallelujah when the moon is up We are werewolves, all we need is blood Take a silverbullet for your shot We're immortal, all we fear is god Cantus Lupu. Fist of Chaos

Guardian of the galaxy

Just because we’re patiently waiting for its sequel, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the wonder that is James Gunn’s first Guardians of the Galaxy. And if you’re looking for a striking new way to do just that, check out this poster.