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an image of a triangle in the sky with lines coming out of it that are white and red
Pink Floyd wallpaper in the style of Joy Division
pink floyd's label for the dark side of the moon
Pink Floyd-1973 The Dark Side Of The Moon S1
the dark side of the moon cd label on a white background with flowers around it
Pink Floyd, 'The Dark Side of the Moon' Harvest CD
Pink Floyd, 'The Dark Side of the Moon' CD
the label for swingmaster's album, my blue walk is shown in white ink
an apple label on a record with the words'stereo'written in green ink
Australia issue
an apple on top of a record with the words let the apples sing, written in green ink
The Beatles and their 1960s Apple Store
the beatles's label for their album, i've got a feeling
pink floyd's album, the dark side of the moon
an apple with the words help the beatles on it's side and bottom half
the rolling stones'album, waiting on a friend
Waiting on a Friend The Rolling Stones
the rolling stones'album, brown sugar
: Photo
how come you taste so good?
the rolling stones - miss you / i'm going to love you 12 inch single
The Rolling Stones - Miss You (Special Disco Version)
The Rolling Stones- Miss You (Vinyl,12'')
the rolling stones sticky fingers label on a record
Rolling Stones Records