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Ahh remember whenever people would trade there life for spikes? yeah me neither...

Everyone trades their life for a spike.A girl said she sold 19 den betas for a spike.

The Beginning of an Era Page 14 by Loopy44 on DeviantArt

Why is Greely depicted as the bad guy? Only saving this cause dat animation is lit

The Beginning of an Era Page 21 by Loopy44 on DeviantArt

Shara and Skrilliant meet at last! Memorian belongs to robogore, Shara and Nutik belong to De. The Beginning of an Era Page 21

AJ ~ Head Feathers  (How Rare Are These?) Reply with a jamagram to avery1d please

Apparently they are worth Rare Nerds (for people who are willing) This is how I got my nerd glasses (traded the yellow/red banded one)