How To Recycle Straws Into Travel Packs

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Ideas About DIY Life Hacks & Crafts 2017 / 2018 How To Recycle Straws Into Travel Packs -Read More -

DIY Lay Flat Storage Mat

Keep Your Stuff Stowed Neatly With This Lay-Flat Storage Mat


Here's a simple way to draw mountains. This would be useful if one was going to draw or paint a map. 3 steps - How to draw the mountains. by ~fragless on deviantART

Customize flower pots with quotes and glitter.

26 Creative Things to Do With a Terracotta Pot

An easy way to add DIY Gold Lettering on Flower Pots. The printable gold foil paper allows you to create anything custom. The gold lettering is beautiful.

Otimizando o espaço na mala

Confira 8 formas de economizar espaço na mala

well it's my cake day. So here's some of my favorite posts from you lovely people - Imgur

well it's my cake day. So here's some of my favorite posts from you lovely people

I am pinning this not because it's funny, but because I freakin need this in my life. --- How to multiply large numbers in your head

A folha da goiabeira trás inúmeros benefícios a saúde. Além de tudo pode  resolver em até 100% a queda de cabelo. O bacana é que é comum encontrarmos pés de goiaba, isso torna essa receita ainda mais fácil de fazer.

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Um blog sobre decoração, com idéias para decorar sua casa gastando pouco. Reciclagem, artesanato,decoração,arquitetura, artes, receitas, DIY

1 Projeto por mês - Fonte de água com vasinhos - DIY

Terracotta pots are popular for patio plantings due to their durability and old fashioned nostalgia. But they can be repurposed in so many ways, as seen by this miniature waterfall you can place in any garden or patio location. What’s even more convenient