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a yellow bicycle parked in a parking lot
a red motorcycle parked in front of a white brick wall with black spokes on it
Finalmente estão prontas… que venha a próxima!
the front wheel of a bicycle with gears on it
Psychological Therapy Costs
the spokes and hubs of a bicycle are visible in this close up photo
BFS2017: Brik Bikes' the chainless bicycles, no maintenance Dutch commuters
BFS2017: Brik Bikes' the chainless bicycles, no maintenance Dutch commuters - Bikerumor
the front wheel of an old bicycle with rust on it's rims and spokes
three different views of a person riding a bike on the street and in the air
A bicycle with a chain-less, unchained experience - Yanko Design
The word “unchained” fits here both literally and metaphorically. CeramicSpeed’s new drivetrain removes the ubiquitous chain that’s synonymous with two-wheelers for a drivetrain that’s mess-free, low on friction, and amazing looking. A rotating shaft replaces the need for a greasy chain, and it works spectacularly well, say the people at CeramicSpeed, reducing friction by as much as 49%.
a silver motorcycle parked in front of a house
Jesse James west coast choppers bicycle
a white motorcycle parked on the side of a road
an electric scooter is shown with the words, lithium 799 on it
Sway Lithium Reservation - Total Price $9,999
Sway Lithium: $500 Deposit - TOTAL PRICE $7500 (After 10% Federal Rebate)
a black bicycle with two blue spokes
Bici de Circo Negro - 20 pulgadas - 389,00 € -
Bici de Circo Negro - 20 pulgadas
a man riding a bike down a sidewalk next to the ocean
Streetsurfer, le drift bike pour la ville | Vélo et Design
Streetsurfer !
an electric scooter is parked on the sidewalk
IKOO Electric bike
August 22, 2005 The IKOO is without doubt the coolest looking electric scooter we’ve seen yet – so cool that it featured on all the technology blogs over the l
a yellow and black bike is shown on a white background
Revista de ilustração e cultura visual Zupi
Sacha Lakic é um dos poucos artistas capazes de mover-se facilmente de um universo para outro. Confira!