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Silencing the mind does not mean fooling you, it is just a way to introduce you into a higher wisdom. And it is at the times when people believe they are holding on to reason that they are most often the least reasonable.

Ok this one wins creepiest pin of the week lol

spooky atmospheric chilling surreal photographic art print , reminiscent of the art of magritte burt with a scarey feeling of bodies being taken away abduction against their will halloween art Fucked up creppy!

I love this.  And no, it is NOT a real photo from an insane asylum, lol.  CREDIT: German performer Pina Bausch did a piece in 1977 - “Blaubart” (or in English, “Bluebeard”) - and this was a part of that performance.

slobbering: “ Visual from the 1977 German expressionist dance performance of Blaubart (Bluebeard) choreographed by Pina Bausch. It was the inspiration for scenes of American Horror Story: Coven.