Pain sendo assustadoramente assustador... assim que eu gosto ._.

Finally I decided to finish the Sharingan Eye collection.Thank you all you wonderful Naruto fans who were so fun to talk to and geek out about Naruto you've inspired me to complete the serie.

Naruto double exposure...

Naruto double exposure...

Itachi Uchiha (or Sasuke [I don't really know]), Jiraiya and Kakashi Hatake

Naruto 692 - Naruto Vs Sasuke the Final Battle! by on @DeviantArt

Manga/Anime Naruto Lineart, Color, Bg & effects by me: Original Artwork by: Masashi Kishimoto © Sasuke belong to: Ma. Naruto 692 - Naruto Vs Sasuke the Final Battle!

Black Cat commission / NYCC print by Jim Cheung (2010), in George H's Cheung, Jim - COMMISSIONS / SKETCHES Comic Art Gallery Room - 1241529

Black Cat clad in outfits similar to Cat Woman. The equation of women to cats and the "pussy" obsession and is an all but subtle expression of hypersexuality.

B a d A s s

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