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The largest Prehistoric land mammal compared to the largest land mammal today. African Elephant - 12 feet tall / 6 tonnes Indricotherium - 20 feet tall / 20 tonnes ----- not a dinosaur but you get the gist. Prehistoric World, Prehistoric Creatures, Dinosaur Fossils, Dinosaur Art, Reptiles, Mammals, Vida Animal, Extinct Animals, African Elephant

Paraceratherium Transouralicum

(High estimate of Paraceratherium compared to average African Elephant.) Paraceratherium was among the largest land mammals along with some Proboscideans.It is the tallest land mammal and weighs about 11 - 13 tonnes.Some large individuals could weigh upto ...

The New Dinosaurs – Dougal Dixon - Page Tutorial and Ideas Alien Concept Art, Creature Concept Art, Creature Design, Creature Feature, Mythical Creatures Art, Alien Creatures, Prehistoric Creatures, Fantasy Monster, Monster Art

The New Dinosaurs - Dougal Dixon 1988_page_0059

Megaloceros giganteus - The Irish Elk Prehistoric World, Prehistoric Creatures, Irish Elk, Extinct Animals, Large Animals, Fauna, Wildlife Art, Fossils, Mammals

Mark Witton (@MarkWitton) on Twitter

The latest Tweets from Mark Witton (@MarkWitton). Twitter account of Dr. Mark Witton, palaeoartist and palaeontologist, flying reptile specialist. Follow and support my work at

Extinction Blog - YouTube Prehistoric Creatures, Zoology, Science And Nature, Fossils, Astronomy, Mammals, Beast, Moose Art, Elephant

Extinction Blog

Size approximation of Simbakubwa: Credit: Matthew Borths

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European Jaguar (Panthera gombaszoegensis)

The European Jaguar (Panthera (Onca) Gombaszoegensis) distributed from the end of the Late Pliocene about 1.5 million years ago and early Pleistocene in Eurasia and is the earliest known Panthera species in Europe.

the Pleistocene epoch (North by Rom-u on DeviantArt America 2, North America, Animals Images, Animals And Pets, Early Humans, Extinct Animals, Prehistoric Creatures, Epoch, Historical Pictures

the Pleistocene epoch (North America)2 by Rom-u on DeviantArt… the Pleistocene epoch (North America)2