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Treino Medida Certa – DM02 – Treino Medida Certa

ITPR in the News - Our CEO, Bob Dearsley, was published in Marketing Week after taking umbrage to a recent article about measuring the effect of PR. Click through to read his response and see an example of how we think PR really should be measured

Estas 6 substâncias estão destruindo a sua tireoide - e uma delas é um alimento…

The thyroid gland, an endocrine butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck, below the Adam’s apple, is an extremely important one. The thyroid gland releases two hormones which have an influence on the entire

Coloque esta folha nos cômodos de sua casa e elimine todas as baratas em pouco…

Cockroaches are nasty insects; their physical appearance may scare everyone. They are often related to garbage and dirt, but you can also see them at home, walking down in our pantry or bedroom. We can find.