Surface Jalouse - ange de pixels

Surface Jalouse is able to print images (the shop's or your own) onto virtually any surface — including furniture. Part furniture store and part studio, this boutique offers funky and highly unique home decor items.

These are some of the old Mario power ups.

As years go by I was a Super Nintendo guy. All the different mario games that came out during this time, it open my mind to a different type of way to play the game. As mario evolved so did I. The Evolution of Power-ups - nintendo Photo

Riff on the Roxy Music album cover "Country Life"

i want to produce them in different media, maybe as larger paintings. to create a screamadelica on the side or roof of a building would be a dream come true.

Super Iron Bros #movie #ironman #nintendo #mario #pixel

Video games and comic book culture collide on this Super Iron Bros t-shirt by BazNet

Phoneography DIY: Pixelate your portrait using the rad app pxl— This self-portrait was created by Instagramer @hello_im_kim.

Phoneography DIY: Pixelate your portrait using the rad app pxl .

Algorithm that smoothes out the pixelation of old video games.

The image displays the early pixel Yoshi from Super Mario and the more modern version.