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a drawing of a cartoon character holding a coffee cup
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two pieces of paper with an aurora bore painting on them and the words tillth above it
Part 1 of a Bookmark Set #watercolor #aurora by tillith_
watercolor bookmarks with the words fell asleep here on top of an open book
7 Watercolor Bookmark Ideas — Sarica Studio
fell asleep here calligraphy bookmark
three watercolor bookmarks with different designs and words on them, one has a house and the other has balloons
someone is holding four watercolor bookmarks in their left hand and the other one has writing on it
Totally Awesome DIY Bookmarks
I love a good book–I used to read all the time-but I”m the type that gets so wrapped up in a good book that I literally neglect EVERYTHING until I finish the book! So maybe I need to craft me up some cute bookmarks so I would actually use them! A lot of these are just …
an origami fox bookmark is laying on top of a book that's open
teaching literacy.
Adorable fox bookmark
a tag with an image of a hot air balloon
a pink bookmark sitting on top of a stack of books with a heart cut out of it
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an open book with a little boy in space on the page and stars around it
Grani di pepe: Segnalibri angolari
Grani di pepe: Segnalibri angolari
a person is holding an origami piece in their left hand and a bottle on the right
Segnalibro ad angolo
Scrapbookingitalia: Segnalibro ad angolo
an open book with a sticker on it that says coffee, books, relax
Yeti, segnalibro angolare / Yeti angular bookmark
Lo sapete che mi diverto a creare scenette coi timbri, vero? Questo mix mi è sembrato perfetto per un nuovo segnalibro, dedicato ad un ma...