Elenice Faccion

Elenice Faccion

Elenice Faccion
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It’s important to exercise your eyes regularly to strengthen and relax them just as you would exercise any other part of your body. Take a look at this info-graphic which shows 5 easy eye yoga exercises that will help relax and strengthen your peepers!

Sankara Eye Hospitals with a pan-India network is among the largest provider of quality eye-care ,with its state-of-the art facilities. At Sankara expect best in eye care and education.

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Flowing Sequence This flowing sequence is an incrementally increasing set of flowing postures that strengthens the arms/shoulders/back from all the Sun Salutations, balanced with leg strengthening and hip opening.

10 Modern Meditation Mantras to Enhance Your Boho Life @ bohoberry.com

Sometimes those ancient mantras, although effective when done right, can be difficult to master. Here are some easier modern meditation mantras to help!