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Patrícia Gomes

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Patrícia Gomes
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People watch the Breitling Jet Team perform aerobatics over the Mediterranean Sea from a beach in Tel Aviv


Situated below the slopes of the Etna, the Alcantara river canyon was formed by the erosional process of the Alcantara river on lava flows dating from an eruption in prehistoric times.

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is an open-air museum features traditional houses from Norway’s many regions and towns as well as a Stave Church that has been restored and is open to the public.

Vacation Keepsake by Fill a pickle or pasta sauce jar with trinkets from your trip! #Kids #Vacation #parents

Display vacation mementos that are too bulky for a book in a pickle or pasta-sauce jar instead. Paint the lid, label the jar with the time and place, and fill it with trinkets from your trip


Four models showing off the latest bathing suit fashions while lying on a sandy Florida beach . May 1950 . Photo by Nina Leen