3D portraits made out of screws

Pop Art - Intervenção

This is a very animated piece with a lot of motion and color. As you can see it is a photograph mixed with digital art. This picture reminds me of a piece of art found in the since that era was known for the pop vintage colors.

Quantas máscaras  você usa? Afinal quem é você?

Do you mean to say that the dream is rendered false after waking from it? ~ Is not the waking world similarly rendered false in your dream or deep sleep?

Susanna Hesselberg, Sculpture by the Sea, 2015

I am typically not a fan of installation art, but this is beautiful once you read the title. "When My Father Died It Was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down" Susanna Hesselberg, Sculpture by the Sea, 2015

Rooster Stencil by kraftkutz on Etsy

Nice stencil, but not for a blade. Slice cuts leaving a stencil behind too. Rooster stencil by kraftkutz on Etsy