Travesseiro para cinto de segurança

The Perfect Road Trip Pillow! Nick and I often road trip. We travel by plane quite frequently as well, but there are a few places that we always opt to drive. San Francisco, Disneyland, Las Vegas, etc. Vacations have been proven to be healthy.

Botão de Chocolate: Avental de Patchwork

I really like the way the waistband covers the seam of the top ruffle. Will be using this design element.

Fica aqui a explicação de como aplicar um cordão na beira de uma almofada. Para nos ajudar a costurar o cordão dentro do tecido escolhido, usamos o calcador

Yastık halat ip dikimi How to Sew Piping from Country Woman -- shared by Beth Huntington of The Renegade Seamstress

Take a look at this Pink Polka Dot Apron on zulily today!

Take a look at this Pink Polka Dot Apron by Too Too Cute on today! Cute take on a standard pattern, rounding the bottom instead of squaring it off, then adding a ruffle.

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