enfeite de maçaneta coração

Door reminder to love yourself and that you are loved-each girl could make one colour and give it to the rest of the girls? They could then make their own multi-coloured chain?


felt owl - hang on door handle - one side eyes open (come in) other side eyes closed (don't disturb): Pic only

Xícara em EVA, uma graça para chás de cozinha, bebe, e aniversarios, faço qualquer cor

Xícara em Eva

EVA cup, a grace for bridal showers, baby, and birthdays, do any color

passo a passo marcador de livro Bigode

Mustache page marker. to make it easier just cut the bottom sides of an envelope so it's a triangle. then just glue mustache. by cutting the envelope that way your pocket is already done for you!

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