Elis Sinnecker

Elis Sinnecker

Elis Sinnecker
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Pecking Bird Craft Toy

This little wooden pecking bird was bought at a craft fair. The mechanism is very simple, but also quite elegant.

Paper Arduino

Guilherme created what may be the most inexpensive iteration of Arduino yet -This is a functional version of the Arduino. We eliminate the PCB and use paper and cardboard as support and the re.

How to build a simple PWM DC Motor Speed Controller using ATmega8 microcontroller, MOSFET and POT - YouTube

how to build a simple pwm dc motor speed controller using - 28 images - how to build the simplest dc motor speed controller using, world of electronics and automations pulse width, circuit using pwm dc motor arduino for beginners 19 controlling

Run Arduino Code on an ATtiny » Fork Robotics | Fork Robotics

I’ve been in this situation many times: I just finished an Arduino project, I’m happy with it and would love to save it, but I only have 2 Arduino boards. Do I sacrifice one to keep this project i…