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what brush?

Своими руками

What paint-brush-stroke to use? Illustration with flowers, painting petals with these pictures. Clicking link takes you to someone's board with cool stuff, although in another language, neat ideas you


Let's go to the beach! fire on the beach Cathedrals beach, Spain . love the beach Beach

Demarcações design sobrancelhas.

Passo a passo de como fazer a sobrancelha perfeita

Three-Point Shaping: ➊ Nostril to inner corner of brow ➋ Tip of nose to middle of iris to arch ➌ Outside corner of the nose to outer corner of brow


In rippling satin robes earth waits. The fleeting sun floats gently down, then in a wisp of velvet ether, it escapes. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ by Wanda Marie

pinceladas decorativas – manosalaobratv

probably could never draw anything as fancy as these, but still a good guide for which each brushes use

See 600 photos and 11 tips from 5 visitors to Basile Estudo Orientado - Aulas Particulares - Vestibular - Vestibulinho.

40 ideias para fazer Enfeites de Natal com Reciclagem

Toilet paper rolls are those items that we use every day. Instead of just throwing those empty toilet paper tubes out, we can repurpose them as creative crafts for kids or home decoration. Here are Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for your inspiration.

A maior escola de fotografia da América Latina, em Belo Horizonte e Rio de Janeiro

Photographer Clark Little is known for his jaw-dropping photos of giant waves crashing onto shore, a niche that's known as shorebreak photography.

Pequena Notável: Passo a passo: Como corrigir a sobrancelha

Pequena Notável: Passo a passo: Como corrigir a sobrancelha