Cut-paper and digital collage from talented modern artists who are making a traditional art form their very own.
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an abstract collage of basketball players in black and white, with yellow squares over them
Lane Series - visualcommunication - viktorbezic | ello
Viktor Bezic (@viktorbezic) | Ello
the cover to planet and misteros, with an image of two men in costumes
Francisco Leon (@fucoleon) | Ello
(@fucoleon) | Ello
a giraffe is standing in front of a white wall with black spots on it's head
Penny, 11.5 16.5 inches - art, collage - loladupre | ello
Lola Dupré (@loladupre) | Ello
an old photo of a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes looking at the camera
Bep Broos (@bepbroos) | Ello
Bep Broos (@bepbroos) | Ello
a woman with dreadlocks is standing in front of an abstract background holding a ball
(@nightcollage) | Ello
(@nightcollage) | Ello
a woman in an orange fur coat and green goggles
Linco7n (@linco7n) | Ello
Linco7n (@linco7n) | Ello
a man laying on top of a wooden floor next to green and orange shapes in the background
hellocdr Post 15 Apr 2019 14:57:36 UTC | ello
Christopher David Ryan (@hellocdr) | Ello
an image of a man's head with orange circles on it and several other objects in the background
julienmartin Post 07 Dec 2018 17:12:31 UTC | ello
Digital collages by Julien Martin (@julienmartin) | Ello #collage #digitalcollage #art #photography #illustration #design
a black and white photo of a woman holding a knife in front of her face
Skrew Studio - 2018 Submitted E - skrewstudio | ello
Black and white digital collages by Skrew Studio (@skrewstudio) | Ello #collage #digitalcollage #photography
a woman in white dress standing next to a tree with a butterfly flying over her head
collage, collageart, digitalcollage - ello | ello
Digital collages by artist @tokyoyamada | Ello #digital #collage #digitalcollage #art #photography
an image of a woman's face made out of squares
Hector Gomez (@hectorgomezstudio) | Ello
Hector Gomez Weaving (@hectorgomezstudio) | Ello #collage #fineart #contemporaryart
a collage of two women sitting on a bench with their hands in the air
Boring - collage, dada, popart - graemejukes | ello
Boring - Collage by artist @graemejukes | Ello #Ello #TheCreatorsNetwork #collage #dada #popart
the woman is laying on her back with a checkered hat over her head and hair blowing in the wind
+ Black White - handmade collag - deborahstevensonartist | ello
Back + Black + White - handmade collage by Deborah Stevenson
two women with different colored shapes and colors on their faces, one woman has her hands to her face
"I had created this series of abstract collage artworks as an insight of various minute cultural, social and emotional scenarios based on my purpose to tell the story of a life within life itself." See more from Pravin at