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I recently stumbled across your great little forum and thought I'd share my stoves with you. The design is not classic rocket stove but includes elements of it. It's a horizontal front load, batch

Post: La cocina privada de René Redzepi, chef de Noma – Copenhague --> cocina nórdica, cocina privada de un chef, comida nórdica, decoración de interiores blog, diseño danés, distribución diáfana, estilo nórdico escandinavo, estilo rústico moderno, rene redzepi noma copenhague

La cocina privada de René Redzepi, chef de Noma – Copenhague

A beautiful kitchen design by Gardehvalsoe, using Dinesen HeartOak, for both the kitchen cabinets and the flooring, the kitchen sink is burnished brass. Love the exposed beams and old cooking range in

Mass Heater: Contraflow masonry heater. Brick contraflow heater with heated benches and rear oven. I love the look of this and that it is dual use! We want ours in the middle of the main living area so as to heat the whole (small) house as efficiently as possible.

Brick contraflow heater with heated side benches and rear oven - great combo! Contraflow masonry heater by Evan Holm

cocinas rurales leña - Buscar con Google

wood burning range cooker / boiler EMILIANA MET MANN - I would definitely get this for an old country home.

Casas rústicas de Bianka Mugnatto Design de Interiores

10 hornos y estufas de leña ¡sensacionales!

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