Dúvidas Decoração Sala de TV

Distances for TV Viewing. Note, the size of the TV is in inches while the distances are in meters. (Multiply each meter by for distances in feet.

Luzes de LED usada atrás do móvel que cria um efeito ainda mais bonito.

Lumilum LED Cool White Strip Light, with its extremely small space requirement is easy to process and can be adapted to any furnishing. The strip light has a self adhesive backing and can be individually shortened. This light is ideal for retrofitting.


Aparadores- beleza e funcionalidade.

Sala de Jantar e lustre decorativo!

Mirror on one wall to create a bigger space sensation. A texturized tile on the other wall to clearly differentiate the dining area


LOVE this concept for the TV wall. Love the 2 dimensional component for the TV, the shelving with the backlighting and the credenza type piece below the TV.

fotos de home theater sofisticados - Pesquisa Google DETALHE - PAREDE EM MOSAICO DE PEDRA CREMA MARFIL

Entire wall made of a mosaic of crema marfil granite. The granite mosaic has a modern and delicate pattern, that was enphasized by the indirect light comming from the ceiling.


Amazing of 12 Seater Dining Table Dimensions 11 Best Photos Of Dining Room Table Dimensions Dining Room Table - For your details, the initial point that a

A mangueira com lâmpadas xenon, embutida em um rasgo no teto, proporciona luz difusa que não interfere na imagem da TV, além de valorizar a textura dos tijolos Arquivo / Casa e Jardim

50 salas

Embutida na estante de alvenaria, a lareira decora e aquece a sala.

Home Painel TV

I like the concept of this wall unit, but would tone it down a bit for my space

Confira tendências de decor apresentadas na Casa Cor RS 2015 | tempodadelicadeza

Confira tendências de decor apresentadas na Casa Cor RS 2015