I know it's not fandom related but it's just soo good

11 Reasons Being An Uncle Is Better Than Having Kids Of Your Own

High five - the cop in the background is laughing so hard

What if food told you the truth lol

What if food told you the truth. Hahaha too funny the coffee one is so true


More truths

They should put prizes in your Tampax box. Your period sucks, but here's a off ice-cream you cranky bitch.

He Isn’t Mad, He’s Just Disappointed

“"I'm not amused by your human foolery.


I know this look but I don't typically smile if I don't feel it.I have fuck you written all over my face haha


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Aww, baby boy,, so smart ,, Cant get anyone to play ball, I will do it myself

This is probably one of the cutest pet videos you will every see. Just try not to smile. This dog is playing ball by himself. Obviously "Mom" and/or "Dad" doesn't play with him very often.

odd compliment

“Bored Noises” I LOVE these daily odd compliments; they always make me laugh!

Sabe onde eu tô? To nem ai.

Toma aí que eu sei que te serve de consolo.

Uma das melhores ever. Give me five

Uma das melhores ever.

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.Fashion and Vintage styles.

não me dê conselhos. eu sei errar sozinho.

E como sei hahah


Hahahaha Essa é boa.) Quest do dia!


Com a tua opinião presa na garganta pega ela e

Ah ah ah