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a cardboard box with cookies and candy on it that says, you're mine
you're one tough cookie deployment care package!
there is a sign that says distance means so little when someone means so much on it
Gifts For Her
Will do for son at UNR too! Dotted line from Vegas to Reno =)
a father's day card with a tree painted on it
35 Cool DIY Gift Ideas For Dad From Kids
35 Cool DIY Gift Ideas For Dad From Kids
three wooden signs with words on them sitting on top of a table next to a window
an open box with various items inside it that says packed with love for my sister
Valentine's care package. Decorate flaps for the box, the contents are just some thing he wanted. I don't think the insides have to be themed if you just want to send necessities anyways. The flaps are like an additional present!
three small boxes with different designs on them sitting on a wooden floor next to a box that says, you're out favorite short story
a handprinted poem on a piece of paper that says, father's day