modern kitchen

Contemporary kitchen- waterfall island counter Modern by Bryan. This looks dynamite to my eye but I also don't know if that is the kitchen we want to live with for the next years.


perfect colour game-white makes units disappear, kitchen is more spacious, not too heavy

Balcão p/ divisão dos ambientes que continuam integrados.

Casa de Valentina - Pequeno, mas cheio de estilo Close it off when we are not using it. Carry the flooring wood into the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen - almost integrated with living room. Notice how the transition is done in a subtle way. The paintings make all the difference.

Arquiteto cria cozinha moderna em Salvador

Apartamento da leitora Mary | Antes e depois do apê na planta

Apartamento da leitora Mary

Gostei dessa pastilha mas acho q ficaria mais bonito se fosse uma faixa - rsk