Eita Hoseokao!  O sorriso que traz o meu sorriso!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate j-hopes hand, I mean it's the second brightest thing next to his smile // p i n t e r e s t: leanawitmer

Hobiiiii,seu lindo

I-I injured my eyes by staring at the sun for too long.


방탄소년단 on

J H O P E ✨

I stg i'm not crying bc he kills me, of course I'M NOT

projeto de flor

If people don't think J-Hope is beautiful, I don't think that person has respect for true beauty. J hope is my bias wrecker.

J-Hope ♡ Hoseok as best man at the wedding :P

J-Hope ♡ Hoseok as best man at the wedding :P>>>> Why the fuck only as best man this boy is freaking boyfriend material!

J-Hope sticking his tongue...again

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J - H O P E

In a recent photo shoot and interview with 'The Star,' BTS showed their vibrant, optimistic sides.When asked about being head of dance, j-hope said, &…

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