O espelho redondo na decoração

Like the shallow shelf. The Maple Building – Gordon Duff & Linton. View of hallway with bespoke shelf and bronze trimmed round mirror.

campinas decor 2015

Minimalist is the style of décor everyone is in love with these days, however it is important to keep a balance and not completely empty space.

Porta-sapatos para entrada de casa

Wet shoes on stones! no soggy shoe mats. Must do this once Maya stops hoarding/attempting to eat rocks.

50 Ideias de Cores para Sala de Estar

Freshen up your home: Where to focus your decorating dollars When it comes to home renovation and decorating on a budget, having limitless possibilities, upgrades and modifications can quickly unbalance checkbooks.

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mensola stretta e lunga all'ingresso Der Flur , Tags Deko + Bilderleisten + Flur

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