God of War. Cratos.

Illustrations by SeedSeven Studio


God of War: Ghost of Sparta (God of War: Origins Collection) on Playstation 3

Ateo Sinrastro - Hermano y guardaespaldas del preferido de Deimos

Here is a pic from the upcoming God of War 3 that just came in today! This one is of Kratos wielding the all powerful Blade of Olympus, that could easil. Kratos' Blade of Olympus

Kratos - se está bol viendo más viejo cada ves

Epic Movie Coming Soon…

The art of God of War III book – another great video game art book

Great battle, indeed, between Kratos and Poseidon, though I feel bad for Poseidon, because he's awesome and got beaten like a dog.

God of War: 22 Cool Kratos Artwork Collections

Marketing illustration showcasing the epic boss battle at the beginning of the game. It's Kratos vs. Poseidon in all his craziness. God of War III- Poseidon Fight

God of War - Kratos; swords are a means to an end for him. A very BLOODY end!

God of War II comes out next month! Yeah, so I felt I should try my hand at another Kratos. While I don't think the original God of War game was the best thing ever made, I certainly loved the ae.

God of War: Ascension ‘The Mythological Heroes’

God of War: Ascension The Mythological Heroes multiplayer trailer --- VISIT…

God of war makes it way on this list as great gory game of course the myth is wrong Kartos was a Titan

Descargar juegos para pc por mega God of War Ghost of Sparta [ISO] [PSP] [DF]

Kratos is the hero of Sony's popular "God of War" series, so named because Kratos becomes the (Greek) God of War in the first game after killing Ares in an act of revenge for tricking Kratos into murdering his wife and daughter before any of the games took place.    His fight with Ares in the first game isn't the only feud Kratos gets into, as his father Zeus tricks him into abandoning his godly powers at the beginning of God of War II.  Kratos's life sure is messed up!

Kratos is the hero of Sony's popular "God of War" series, so named because…

Kratos GOD OF WAR Concept Art

God of War: Ascension ‘co-op weapons’ trailer Sony Santa Monica has released the Mythological Heroes Co-Op Weapons DLC pack for God of War: Ascension Multiplayer.