Famous fresco showing Vesuvius and its patron god Dionysus, who "inhabits" a cluster of grapes and pours a libation of wine. From the House of the Centenary in Pompeii.

Roman Era Fresco -- Depiction of Vesuvius & its Patron God, Dionysus, who "inhabits" a cluster of grapes & pours a libation of wine -- Excavated from the House of the Centenary at

Frida Kahlo, one of my favorite artists of all time

The Two Fridas (Las dos Fridas) by Frida Kahlo, This painting, and many of Frida’s self portraits express the duality she felt at having European and Mexican heritage. Oil on canvas, 67 x 67

SALVADOR DALÍ (1904-1989) – “¡No podéis expulsarme porque yo soy el surrealismo!”, bramó Dalí cuando André Breton lo expulsó del movimiento surrealista por sus ideales fascistas. Aunque la frase suene presuntuosa (lo que nunca fue inusual en Dalí), lo cierto es que las pinturas de Dalí son hoy en día las imágenes más famosas de todo el surrealismo

Salvador Dali BUTTERFLIES painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Salvador Dali BUTTERFLIES painting is available at custom size.

Eye of Sauron Night

Van Gogh always had a giant, burning eye for art. View "Van Gogh's Starry Night Meets LOTR" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Blog de Alberto Granados con una buena selección de pinturas famosas de mujeres leyendo  FERNANDO BOTERO Mujer leyendo

Mujeres leyendo

Fernando Botero Angulo (born April is a Colombian figurative artist. His works feature a figurative style, called by so.

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