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a spiral stained glass window in the center of a room with light streaming through it
A quaint little chapel I found in downtown Dallas. Photo by Connor Monsees 'Glory Window', one of the largest horizontally mounted stained glass pieces in the world ~ Chapel of Thanksgiving, Dallas TX
the inside of a church with vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows
Dying of cute
Segovia Cathedral, Spain
an angel statue with two people on it's back and one holding the arm of another
art in its finest form
looking up at an ornate glass dome in the center of a building's roof
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Imagen de sky, architecture, and art
archatlas:  “ Tristan Zhou 周哲成” Macau, Japanese Architecture, Chinese Architecture, Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, Chinese Culture, Asian Architecture
archatlas: “ Tristan Zhou 周哲成”
a man with an umbrella walks down the street in the rain at night, while buildings are lit up behind him
moody cinematic photos by masashi wakui explore tokyo's luminous landscape by night
masashi wakui explores the labyrinth of tokyo's luminous landscape by night, documenting the urban sprawl in a series of moody cinematic scenes.
the inside of an old building with many windows and stairs leading up to another room
Abandoned castle in Poland | @glory.of.disrepair - Travel Image
Abandoned castle in Poland | @glory.of.disrepair #abandonedcastles