para patchcolagem

Hand embroidery design or coloring page. Cat with pink heart nose.

Print this silohette out on springy scrapbook paper and cut out post on white cardstock and frame. Maybe add a cotton ball for tail!

DIY: Paper Bunny Garland / Runner

DIY - SEWING - Cat shelf sitter pattern

DIY - SEWING - Cat shelf sitter pattern - boa ideia trocar o gato por snowmem

Here is another bunny template found online, cute bent ear! Why not mix up the bunnies, and cut them out of old boxes? we made a garland of bunnies in different colors with a cotton ball tail.

chat de ..porte

CAT TEMPLATE - This is in another language but it shouldnt be hard to figure out the pattern …

door hanger cat pattern

enfeite de porta - gatinho - easy to adapt for other animals, a simple door hanging craft for the children

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