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an entrance to a white building with yellow doors
This Modern Spanish Los Angeles Home is All About the Bathrooms (And the Archways, And the Pool...) - Sight Unseen
there is a staircase leading up to the second floor in this modern house with white walls and wood floors
Bajo El Sol - PJH Constructions
an outdoor swimming pool with hammocks and lounge chairs next to it in front of a house
Casa Cook Hotel In Rhodes, Greece
17 Pictures Of The Recently Opened Casa Cook In Rhodes, Greece // The Swimming Pool And Deck Area
two chairs sitting next to each other on a patio
Best of Naxos | Island hopping in Greece - FARAWAY GETAWAY
Naxian On The Beach, Naxos - FARAWAY GETAWAY
the front cover of an architectural magazine with blue and white tiles on it's walls
a large white house with lots of plants and lights on the front door, along with steps leading up to it
an outdoor area with stepping stones and a tree
Brisbane Photoshoot, Filming And Event Hire Locations - Pure Locations
some plants are growing on the side of a white building with steps leading up to it
Timeless architecture and interiors
a chair sitting on the edge of a pool surrounded by greenery and palm trees
Modern contemporary backyard with pool and pool chair - Villa La Corniche in Marseille, France