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an image of two people sitting on a bench in front of a yellow background with black and white lines
a comic strip with peanuts saying, nothing goes on forever and it's time to come to an end
PEANUTS on Twitter
an image of a group of people on a piece of paper that is drawn with colored pencils
WATANABE Sadao 1973 Christ as Last Supper G 07-036
a piece of cloth with a painting of jesus on the cross and people around it
Japanese Ltd. Ed. Kappa-ban Stencil Print Sadao Watanabe Crucifixion
a black and white drawing of some people
St. Alban's Episcopal Church
the face and hands of jesus with latin writing on white background, hand drawn illustration
Hand drawn vector illustration or drawing of Jesus Christ carrying a sheep and the phrase in spanish: El Buen Pastor da la vida por sus ovejas, which means: The Good Shepherd gives his life for his sheeps
a black and white drawing of a hand holding a knife in it's claws
GRAPHIC | radkevychsergii
an image of jesus washing his feet in the water with another person standing next to him
Pastor Dan's Grace Notes: January 2011
a black and white drawing of a sheep in a circular frame with flowers on it
A Coloring Page of The Agnus Dei
an image of the virgin mary and jesus with two children in front of a tree
Елена Игоревна Черкасова (род. 1959)
a black and white drawing of an angel holding a baby in its arms with the words,
Madonna and Child with Angel 1916 by Eric Gill 1882-1940
a black and white drawing of an image of jesus in the manger scene with stars
Eric Gill "Nativity set - Nativity (The Manger )" 1916
an image of a fish in the middle of a circle with geometric designs on it
Nicholas Markell Portfolio - Icons and Liturgical Graphic Art