Erick Carvalho

Erick Carvalho

Erick Carvalho
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To Whom It may Concern: You thought you KNEW me! But you never did ! I tried so hard for you ALL! But it was never good enough ! Try me now ! A cow ?   I got you more than you could ever imagine ! You only knew what I chose to let you know !

Pick One Signature Collection DGA David Gonzales Art Mink Blanket x 95 Queen


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Caveira doce

Skulls & Illusion, whuz-up

Esta carta parece ser uma carta simples mas ao mesmo tempo uma carta complexa o naipe está muito interessante  a letra está mais simples mas não deixa de ser um bom desenho .

Ace by Shayne of the Dead Bohner Gothic Skull Ace of Spades Poker Playing Card Giclee Art Print

Wish I knew who made this art. It's done an amazing job of capturing modern "americana!"

Marilyn monroe as a gun slinging statue of liberty

She tried to cut our love and to take him from me, but the invisible thread is still intact!

☆ KingPin Poster ~:¦:~ By OG ABEL ☆ Could be a cool tattoo? What do you think?

Krass sult for sugar skull tattoo