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Over 125 Cosplay Costumes from the 2017 San Diego Comic Con

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I remember fighting this boss in Dark Souls, this boss is not weird or different in any way it is just fast and has a long sword held in his mouth.

Aquelarre de jóvenes brujos

The Witch and Her Daughters by sstarkm on DeviantArt. Another piece for the Dark Souls series. The Witch of Izalith and her Daughters of Chaos

Четыре рыцаря Гвина dark souls, рыцари, арт, Арториас, Орнштейн, Сиаран, Гох, длиннопост

armor artist request artorias the abysswalker cape dark souls full armor full body helmet highres knight plate armor solo souls (from software) sword weapon yinwoeren - Image View -

Lord´s Blade Ciaran

armor artist_request dark_souls dual_wielding full_body helmet highres knight lord's_blade_ciaran plate_armor solo souls_(from_software) sword weapon

Ornisten o capitão da guarda real do Lord gwyn... Na minha opinião porta o set mais foda e lindo do dark souls 1

armor artist_request chainmail dark_souls dragon_slayer_ornstein full_armor helmet highres kneeling knight plate_armor polearm solo souls_(from_software) spear weapon

Solarie de astora sem sombra de dúvidas o seu melhor amigo de toda a série souls…

Solaire is practically the mascot of Dark Souls, he's known for being the most jolly and friendly guy in a dying, dark world. He's become enough of an icon that I can wear a shirt referencing him and make friends through that