Arabella - Arctic Monkeys. I'm calling it; Alex Turner is perhaps the most brilliant lyricist of our time.

(Wraps her lips) 'Round a Mexican Coke / (Makes you wish) That you were the bottle / (Takes a sip) Of your soul and it sounds like (Arabella - Arctic Monkeys)

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que desaparezcan los signos de interrogación.

arctic monkeys // r u mine? // 'I am completely and utterly obsessed with Arctic Monkeys I can't even explain how much I love this band.' // that just explains exactly how I feel about this band. completely in love.

Nada más bello.

Arctic Monkeys album covers and discs (top to bottom: Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not; Favourite Worst Nightmare, Humbug, Suck It and See, and AM)

arctic monkeys

Arctic Monkeys - MegaPosters

Love is a Laserquest, from Arctic Monkeys' album Suck it and See

do you still think love is a laserquest? or do you take it all more seriously? i've tried to ask you this in some daydreams that i've had, but you were always busy being make believe.